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Focus on what you do best. You're great at creating or sourcing awesome products and services. Outsource your online marketing and web development partly or entirely to Traffikoo. We have the technical, marketing, and operational resources required to build for and promote growing companies across all major online media platforms.

Performance Marketing: A True Partnership

Traffikoo primarily works with our clients on a performance marketing basis - a win-win model where we primarily get paid for actual sales conversions and valid leads on our client websites. We are experts at helping our clients boost conversions and driving converting traffic.

A Reliable Partner Since 2005

Over the years since our founding, Traffikoo has worked with hundreds of clients from small businesses to Fortune 500 corporations, sending them tens of thousands of sales and leads. We estimate that we have been instrumental in generating over $500m in added revenue for our clients since inception.

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Some words about us

Traffikoo is an expert at online marketing, having driven over $500m in new revenue to its clients - small companies to Fortune 500 brands worldwide - since the company was founded. We will advertise your business across the internet to make sure it reaches the maximum number of potential customers, on niche blogs and websites, search engines, social media, etc. as appropriate, targeting your advertising campaigns to reach likely audiences in a cost-effective manner.

Our technical capabilities set us apart from the pack

The business that would become Traffikoo were founded in 2005. Prior to founding Traffikoo, our founder was an accomplished silicon chip designer. Ever since then, Traffikoo's online marketing heritage has always been based upon a uniquely solid technical foundation that distinguishes us from most of our competitors. We are data-driven marketers and our in-house web development is top notch. We can build sophisticated webpages, websites, and web portals for our clients if required, besides just promoting their existing assets.

Why choose us?

  • We win if you win

    Performance Advertising: A real partnership to grow your company

    Your customers are out there - on the Internet. We offer the online advertising services your company is going to need if it's going to take advantage of all the Internet has to offer. We are experts in search engine marketing, video advertising, display marketing, social media, and media buying, and can put together a custom campaign designed to bring new customers in the door.

    We can offer our services to select clients based on performance, where we make most of our money through fees for actual customer conversions. In other cases where establishing brand name is more important than immediate conversions, we also offer more traditional online branding campaigns. We'll discuss with you to agree on what campaign type might be more appropriate for your particular situation.

    Our goal is that you'll come to see us as your total advertising solution and as a dependable partner you can count on to deliver results. At Traffikoo, we can bring our years of experience in online advertising to bear on your advertising campaign. Traffikoo has been around since 2005 and in that time we've sent tens of millions of dollars in new revenue to our clients - we estimate well over $500m in fact. Let us help your company reach its growth targets and more.

  • Performance Marketing Made Easy

    We believe in pay-for-performance - a large portion of our revenue derives from payouts for actual leads/sales we send to our customers rather than upfront payments. With these type of campaigns, we first agree upon what constitutes a customer conversion and a fair fee to charge per conversion based on expected customer lifetime value. We make our money from the conversion fees if we send you a successful customer. In other words, we only win if you win.

    Our typical target customer for performance marketing campaigns has already achieved a significant degree of national or international brand recognition and is now looking for assistance with taking their business to the next level.

    It has been said that trying to save money by cutting your budget for advertising and marketing is very much like trying to stop time by throwing out your watch - a futile effort. This is doubly so for performance advertising, where you only pay money as a fraction of the customer lifetime value of customers the advertising program brings in.

  • A rock-solid technical foundation

    Online marketing is in many cases not just sending more traffic to your website (as though that hasn't itself become complex enough)! To get the most out of your business, design of entirely new solutions and programs may be needed. Building on our technical founder's roots, we have developed a top-notch web development team which can be brought to bear as required on any of our customer projects, supplementing them with custom webpages, lead generation funnels, websites, and apps. We have also developed complete SaaS applications for online marketers such as our all-in-one online marketing toolbox Addue ( These ready-to-go solutions are available to all our clients according to their particular needs.


Typical services we offer

The below are meant to highlight major aspects of our capabilities. Every client is different and working with the typical client will involve a custom plan combining a selection of these capabilities. We are continually on the forefront of modern online marketing and web development techniques, so this is not an exhaustive list.

  • Pay-Per-Click Marketing

    Buying traffic on the major search engines, social networks, and many other pay-per-click networks has a steep learning curve, but it's a core Traffikoo expertise that we've carefully developed since our founding. Let us leverage that knowledge for you. We can set up PPC campaigns for your business targeting the customers you most want to reach.

  • Lead Generation

    Traffikoo has a deep bench of experience in generating leads for many different kinds of businesses - insurance, life insurance, banking and financial services, home services and more - on a performance marketing basis where the customer only pays for valid confirmed leads. We verify all leads we generate at our end first, before passing them on to you.

  • Social Media Marketing

    Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and others) opens up all kinds of new opportunities to expert advertisers like Traffikoo. Put us to work on your behalf setting up pages, video advertising, display advertising, retargeting campaigns, and other kinds of promotions to grow both your social media following as well as your website conversions.

  • Affiliate Marketing

    Affiliate Marketing is a great way to bring new customers to your business. As an active affiliate for many years, Traffikoo has driven hundreds of millions of dollars to its partner merchants. We can help you set up and manage an affiliate program for your business on top affiliate networks. Affiliate marketing is performance marketing: your business primarily pays for actual sales conversions.

  • Affiliate Management

    Managing affiliates on a day-to-day basis to make sure you're getting the most out of them and that they're complying with all program terms is a big job requiring deep experience. Take advantage of our expertise. We can manage your affiliate program and run it on major and niche affiliate networks, most of which we have worked with for almost 20 years, in the USA, Europe, and Asia.

  • Media Buying

    Traffikoo is an expert media buyer across all forms on online media, including the rapidly expanding video promotion and mobile markets. We can run your textual, display, or video media across our established partner networks of websites, mobile apps, and video properties, sending traffic to your website for branding campaigns or to drive conversions as required.

  • Web Development

    We are capable of developing anything from landing pages to complete and complex web applications. Projects we have worked on include our own SaaS tools (e.g. Addue, a professional online marketing tool suites, Classient (an online education marketplace), PublicEmails (a blogging platform), Foundry Technologies (an IoT site and web interface) and several more.

  • Billing & Ecommerce

    We are capable of integrating all the latest payment solutions into any web properties we construct: Stripe, PayPal, Stripe Connnect, ACH payments, etc., using them to implement payment scenarios from the simple to the charges, recurring billing (subscription/monhtly charging), marketplace fees (split payments), analytics and affiliate tracking, etc.

  • SaaS Tools

    Traffikoo has developed and maintains a complete set of SaaS tools for onlne marketers including professional and powerful online marketing tool suites. Besides being examples of our technical capabilities, these tools are also available for use by our clients or the Traffikoo team they work with.

Some of our clients

Traffikoo has worked with hundreds of clients of all sizes - small, medium, and large businesses and organizations worldwide - throughout the years. Over this time, we've been instrumental in sending them literally hundreds of millions of dollars of new business. Partner with us now and benefit from our experience. We're ready when you are. Check out a few of the larger clients we've worked with - and recommend:

The Right Partner for your Online Marketing and Web Development

At Traffikoo we provide unique experience in growing online businesses to our clients on a performance basis. Let's talk about your business and how we can work on it together.

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